Nero Marquina

Nero Marquina marble vessel filled with our signature scented wax.

This exquisite, dark marble pays homage to our bold and simplistic taste, whilst still exuding effortless luxury. With a more subtle and mysterious beauty, this piece intrigues the senses to delve deeper. Perfectly complimented with our mooiuk rose gold toned lid.

Colour: Intense black marble broken by striking white veins.

Scent: Signature Scent

  • Top notes - Pomegranate, Pink Pepper and Lemon
  • Middle notes - Apple, Lilly and Raspberry
  • Base notes - Amber and Cedarwood


*Please note: This is a natural product. Due to the unpredictable manor of the marble, appearances will vary, highlighting the unique character of each vessel. 

Burn time: Approx 35 hrs

Dimensions: Diameter 80 x Height 100mm

Weight: Approx 1kg

Made in England

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